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A View from the other side (part-9)

More than any other place on this Earth—HUMANITY living on the sacred land of Hindusthaan understands that Bhagavaan, Rab, God, Allah, called by a million names now and always—remains ONE. The source of all that we know or do not know can only be one Almighty. In Bhaaratvarsha people knew this fact for as long as human memory is traceable. Hindus and many non-Hindus too within India, remain committed to upholding this obvious truth no matter what the consequences. Knowledge once gained cannot be overtaken by ignorance—never!

It must be because we know that the “Sat” (absolute truth which is God) permeates the manifestation, that we do not call Mohammad a terrorist, Christ a homosexual and certainly we do not print revered Hindu deities on toilet seats, underwear, shoes; nor do we flush other peoples’ holy books down the drain. These acts are committed by the members of the developed and civilized side of our world!

Sitting here, on this side of the world (West), I cannot help wondering how such a mindset comes into existence. Ability to disrespect every Spiritual sentiment does not point to a civilized society. Then, I feel what a blessing it is to be born in Bhaarat Bhoomi and be a Hindu. A truly civilized Samskriti respects the spiritual sentiment of even the enemy and Bhaarat Maataa has been doing so by offering sanctuary to all persecuted people of this hurting planet of ours!! “The One Country that Always Protects, Preserves—Compassionately,” a book of such a name must be written by the publishers of The Hindu Renaissance—easy to read, clear and brief which can be given to all school children so they will not grow up being anti-India as many of their ancestors have done!

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018