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Seed the World (STW) is a nonprofit foundation. It was founded on the belief that individuals can make a difference in the global village by helping others help themselves to obtain essentials such as food, shelter and education.

A view from the other side (part-8)

Ancient, yet young and vibrant!
In this infinite manifestation called Jagat (Universe), there are infinite opportunities coming our way at all times. Yet there are special times for an individual, a community even a Nation. For Hindusthaan such a time is this century. There are many signs if only we stop and look. So let us look and having looked, let us act together to usher in the best time yet for Humanity.

The Hindus are well qualified to lead the World into a more ethical and honest era. We, the Hindus, have been around continuously, maintaining the essence of our traditions, in spite of the cruelest invasions into our lands. While most of the other ancient traditions nearly vanished under the horrible advance of the two expanding socio political systems somehow called religions, the Hindus kept going. When Hindus act through conviction and a thorough understanding of Sanaatan Dharma, much help from all sides will pour in – the world is tired of Jihaads and Crusades, religious terrorism and constant destruction that only harm the ordinary citizen in each country. In other words it is the perfect time for Hindus to provide a Spiritual leadership that has been the destiny of Bhaarat Maataa for ever. That is why we are still here!

Bhaarat has a young population, i.e. the largest number of youth lives in India today! I have read that almost five hundred and fifty million Bhaaratiyas may fall into the group of under twenty-five years of age. This is no small advantage at a time when most Western countries are faced with less and less youth in their populations. Even China faces an aging populace as does Japan. No one can usher in a monumental change as well as the young. And that is not all; it has been proven beyond a doubt, that this Bhaartiya youth is super bright. Village youth seem to be equally intelligent and possess more practical experience of life. They have stayed closer to our original Vedic Samskriti; which as we know, produced a phenomenal country that was the envy of the whole world. I want to share two quotes with the readers that reflect why so many came to Hindusthaan ---- the land of the Hindus; and why most stayed on to become part of the larger fabric of the Hindu ethos. This assimilation was possible because of the Hindu understanding of the Almighty as an all pervading Energy. We know that this Energy can be invoked through prayers, with in this conscious, intelligent Creation and it can be called upon for help in innumerable ways.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018